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Our Founders' Story

In 2011, Melbournian couple Zhi & Jen decided to follow their dream and build their own business; thus Shadow Bargains was born.

A dedicated team was formed as they worked closely with manufacturers from around the world to bring in unique yet affordable accessories & gadgets for the tech-forward generation of online shoppers.

Working diligently around the clock, the team provided superb customer service and delivered orders promptly to their delighted customers across Australia and New Zealand.

After experimenting with various product ranges & receiving many, many feedback from their loyal following of customers, they expanded into sourcing innovative lifestyle products, as Shadow Bargains rebrands into StyleBest (SB).

SB’s mission is to encourage others to spoil themselves and their loved ones more often. The team absolutely love hearing stories of how their products made life easier for the customers, and that they are given as gifts to make someone’s day.

Zhi & Jen’s mission continues as they commit to delivering happiness in the form of trendy products which improves on the lives of others. It is their dream to get more people to enjoy their products and to spread the idea of having more affordable luxuries in life.

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Behind the scenes...

A favourite saying of ours is to "Love every moment, laugh everyday". It's even on the wall in our Melbourne office! 

Love every moment, Laugh every day

A sneak peek into our office freezer and you’ll find a seemingly endless supply of ice cream…Happiness is never too far away in our workplace.

Office freezer...always with ice cream!

This coffee machine, which we nicknamed ‘Lil’ Penguin’, gives us our fix to keep us ticking around the clock.

Coffee every morning in the office!

This cartoon version of Zhi & Jen captures the early days of the business, demonstrating their dedication & drive as they work away on the website until 4am.

Cartoon image of founders working late at night to get website up

Growing: dispatching our parcels and mail