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Frequently asked questions

Where do you get your products from?


Our extensive range of products are sourced from all over the world; we have suppliers from Australia, China, Hong Kong, Korea, and America.


Where are my orders being sent from?


We currently ship all products from our Australian warehouse, which will guarantee fast shipping times.


How often do you get new products?


We are constantly sourcing new products to add to the StyleBest range and usually have new arrivala every now and then. Subscribers to our VIP newsletter will get exclusive updates and sometimes even special pre-order price!


I have a particular product I would like to be sourced, how can I show you?


Just contact us via the online form and upload an image of the product as well as any descriptions that might help us in sourcing it.



Reward points

What are reward points?


In simple terms, reward points (also known as loyalty points) are what you can earn while you shop with us, which can be collected and then converted into discount vouchers for use on your future purchases with us.

Our reward points system offers a generous ‘price to point’ ratio, making it easier for you to save up points (and therefore bigger discounts) when you make a purchase from our store.


How many reward points can I collect with my order?


With every $1.00 spent in our store, you get 1 point, which directly converts to $0.10 off your next order!

For example: If a product costs $19.00, you will get 19 points, which can be converted to become $1.90 off your next order.

You can choose to save your reward points, adding it up to a bigger amount so that your next order becomes free, or use them on a regular basis - it's completely in your control.


How do I convert my reward points?


You’ll need to go to ‘My loyalty points’, which can be accessed in the ‘My Account’ page after you log in. From there, you can convert your collected reward points into a voucher code.

The voucher code will be in your account after 24 hours. 




How do I check how many voucher/discount codes I have?


Visit your ‘My vouchers’ page to see all of your available vouchers.


Where do I get vouchers from?


Vouchers are given out occasionally by StyleBest to reward loyal customers or for promotions. You can also generate voucher codes by converting your reward points.


How do I use my vouchers?


At the Checkout page, there is a voucher code field where you can input your voucher code. The discount amount will be immediately applied to your order prior to payment.

Please note that you can only use one voucher at a time, however you may use it in conjunction with other store-wide discount/promotions. If you are having problems, simply contact us for assistance.