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What’s Your Birthstone?

2015-01-10 22:55:04, 3 Comments

Did you know the astrological concept of a different and special birthstone for every month of the year has been around since biblical times? There are older Eastern traditions regarding birthstones but for now we’ll concentrate on the Western...

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The World Is Your Oyster

2014-12-14 04:28:11, 0 Comment

Beautiful lustrous pearls from the ocean. They exude elegance and class. Who wouldn’t impress if they were wearing these shimmering, gleaming gemstones from the sea? Although pearls are a sign of wealth and status, with our ability...

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Shine Bright Like A Diamond

2014-12-14 04:26:02, 1 Comment

There was a time when only the super-rich could wear lustrous, sparkly diamonds and for those of us whose budgets didn't quite cover the cost of real gems the alternatives just looked cheap and tacky. Now anyone can glimmer and shine with...

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